Catcher In The Rye Flashback Technique Analysis

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Foundations in English Literary studies (ENG1501)
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Assignment 2: Fiction, Literary Criticism and Drama.
Question (b): Introduction to English Literary Studies
Topic(i): The Catcher in the Rye Instruction
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Likewise the use of the technique is used in novels as well. We can see this technique is used in The Catcher in the Rye because Holden is telling the reader a story of an events that has already occurred. The flashback technique is a very powerful and successful one as it allows us to know what has happened and we see how Holden feels about the events when they occurred compared to after they have happened. It also allows the reader to critically read the story and analyse the character, his use of language, and the story itself. Often flashback techniques are used to also show the reader if the character has changed at all from before the event until the present where he or she is telling the …show more content…
In this novel Holden informs us as the readers that he is at some place not to his liking. We can assume that it is a home or hostel establishment of some sort. He gives us the setting and what his current situation is. The flashback technique begins here. This is where the story is told of how the character got to where he is. It gives us all the information we need to understand his situation. This is a successful technique in a novel as it keeps the reader intrigued as they want to know how, why and when. It also allows the reader to try and guess what is to come before they are told. This can assist in making reading more enjoyable. In result this encourages the reader to finish the novel.

Therefore it can be said that the author of The Catcher in the Rye achieves a great amount by using the flashback technique. It has made the story more enjoyable to read, easier to understand, kept the reader intrigued and allowed for a more intellectual side to reading. Intellectually it makes us think critically about the novel naturally. Thus the flashback technique is a wise choice in this type of writing and is used successfully in The Catcher in the

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