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Who we are
Catch a Car AG, is a subsidiary company of the Mobility Cooperative. Catch a Car operates the first and only free-floating car sharing scheme in Switzerland. Our members locate the Catch-Cars by smartphone or on the website, fast and easy.

Figure 1: Catch a Car logo, source: Catch a Car
Catch a Car AG
Gütschstrasse 2
P.O. Box
6000 Lucerne 7

User Guide
Figure 2: Catch a Car Figure, source:

By Mobility

Who we are 1
Quick Guide 3
How it works 3
1. Register 3
2. Reserve 4
3. Gen in 4
4. Set off / Parking 4
5. Finishing the trip 4
Technical specs 6
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Android: 6
Web: 6
General Terms and Conditions 7
Note for the termination of the contract 7
Bibliography 8
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Go online to or simply call our 24h Service Centre on 0848 824 000.
We'll be happy to help, any time.
Have a good journey with Catch a Car!
Yours sincerely
Catch a Car AG
Note for the termination of the contract
Termination; end of the contract
Either party to the contract may terminate it without notice on important grounds. Specifically, Catch a Car may terminate the contract without notice if the member:
• is in arrears with their payments
• gives or has given incorrect information when concluding the contract or in the course of the contractual relationship, or failed to disclose important facts, thereby making it unreasonable for Catch a Car to continue the contract
• despite receiving a written warning, has not refrained from a serious breach of the contract or has not immediately remedied the consequences of such contractual breaches that have already occurred.
• Furthermore, Catch a Car reserves the right to cancel membership with immediate effect following a damage claim, or in the event of breaches of the GTC or serious offences being committed.

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