Catan Board Game

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Catan—More than a Board Game
Tensions are high and everyone is extremely focused, which simply means everyone is close to winning the game. Relief hits me as I roll a 3 and acquire the ore resource card I’ve been patiently waiting to pick up for 3 rounds. I combine that ore with a wool and grain resource and draw a development card. As I look at the card, my heart begins to race. While keeping a poker face, I pass the dice to the next player knowing I can win on my next turn if nobody else wins before me. Fortunately for me, play advances twice without any action and only the roll of the player on my right remains before I get to announce my victory. As the player before me rolls the dice, a smirk begins to form on her face as she picks
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First off, the entire board could be placed together differently every time you play. The ocean frame which surrounds the 19 terrain hexes can be varied. This will reposition the trading ports which are often times critical to your success in Catan. Also, randomization of the terrain hexes and the number tokens creates a different island layout that can change a player’s strategy each game. For instance, if the ore resource had number tokens that were high probability numbers, you would want to build on those numbers so you could easily upgrade to cities. However, if you place too close to someone else, you could get blocked in. The reward might not be worth it, especially if you like room to move. Instead, you might elect to take the road and settlement strategy, spreading yourself out and getting as many resources from as many numbers as you can. As you can see, the choices are endless, but good decisions might not always be the correct decisions. Just as with any game that involves dice, your success is dependent on the rolls. Even if you have high probability numbers, that low odds number ‘2’ could be rolled more than your ‘6’ and ‘8’. This frustration increases the sense of addiction, because you know you should have won but you still

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