Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Essay examples

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof We all have those family get togethers that we have to attend, whether it is by choice or not. We all have that family member who drinks the night away and you will barely ever see them without a drink in their hand, a family member who keeps talking even if everyone else has stopped listening, or a family member who always seem to have problems that they are facing and brings the whole mood down for everyone. The truth is, none of our families are ever perfect. Tennessee Williams’ play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, is about a family that is together for a celebration and many events happen while they are together. These events bring out the best and worst of each character’s personality. The three major characters that stood out to me were Big Daddy, Brick, and Maggie because they were the characters that made huge impacts on the plot of the play. Big Daddy is the man of the house. Being the man of the house, he likes having the authority to control anything and everything in that house. “‘An’ I rose to be overseer…you are not just about to take over a goddam thing,’” (Williams 38). Since he worked hard to build the plantation to where it is now, he does not want anyone else taking control while he is alive. I think Big Daddy has every right with taking control of everything in the plantation. He worked hard for it and he has every right to not let just anyone try to take over it. Even though he wants to show his family that he is the boss, I believe that…

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