Essay On Puncture Wound

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Cats use their sharp claws and teeth during play time, which are considered normal. However, aggression and overstimulation can cause cats to accidentally sink their claws and teeth deeper than expected. If a cat did this to you, do not overreact and yell or hurt them. Instead, address the puncture wounds to prevent infection.

The first you need to do is examine the wound to determine how deep or serious it is. If the puncture wound is minor and shallow, you can treat it at home. You need a clean cloth or gauze, an antiseptic solution, and a syringe.

1. Create a mixture of water and the antiseptic solution.

2. Fill the syringe with the antiseptic mixture.

3. Rinse the wound site using the mixture. Repeat the rinsing for several times.
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If the infected wound is left untreated, the infection can cause other symptoms, such as fever, weakness, swollen lymph nodes, headache, and feel heavy and unwell. Do not ignore the progressive symptoms of the wound and get help immediately. The same principle may also be applied if your cat has been attacked by another feline.

Aggression can cause your cat to accidental bite or scratch you. Depending on their temperament and breed, certain steps may be applied to all cats to reduce rough play behavior:

- When providing toys for your cat, determine their preference and invest in that type of toy. Some cats like batting at small toys, while others love to stalk and chasing things.

- Cats are naturally curious animals. You should feed their curiosity by providing new objects. The objects don’t need to be expensive. They can be paper bags, cardboard or empty shoeboxes.

- Play with the cat using toys instead of your arms, hands, legs or feet. Moreover, dedicated more than one session of playtime per day.

- Some cats may treat your feet and ankles as practice tools for hunting. They may ambush or grab them when you sit on your bed or walking by the stairs. Divert their focus why tossing one of their toys ahead of

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