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Casual Resturants
Reena Racoma
Sharon Strupp

1. How do the dining market and the eating market differ?
The dining and market differ because it depends on the person. Dining is when you are
At dinner with the person you want to be with just talking stories, eating and enjoying each other’s company that’s dining. Eating is when you just go through a fast food drive thru and grab you a bite to eat and eat it somewhere and start eating.

2. What kinds of restaurants are included in the dining and the eating market?
The kinds of restaurants that are included in the dining restaurants would be fast food or fancy restaurants. For example McDonalds, Jack in the box, subway, Chili’s etc… Any place you can
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7. What are the risks inherent in “eatertainment”?
The risks in eatertainment would be future health issues. 8. What are the prospects for fine dining?

The prospects for fine dining would be more money for the restaurants, more customers.

9. What large businesses do restaurants serve?
The large business that restaurants serve would be the restaurants that have the most people coming in and out daily would be chilis, McDonalds. In my opinion they are large businesses because they make a lot of money over the week just to have over hundreds of thousands of people eating at their restaurants due to cheap and full filling foods that would satisfy them.

10. Describe in 200 to 300 words the restaurant at which you would prefer to work?
The Restaurant I would work is Chili’s. Reason I choose chili’s is because it’s a very fast pace restaurant that hundreds of thousands of people go there to dine in. They have good customer service. Right when you enter they ask how many people for a table than they look if any available tables than they sit you and your family down. They ask if they can get you a drink before you eat and appetizers while waiting for your food. They also bring the food out when it’s hot at all times not cold ever once. Their food is always hot and drinks are always fresh along with their dishes it’s always clean. I just really like that I could serve people and their families at a restaurant that I

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