Castro Essay 3

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Ruth Castro
Professor Blair
31 October 2012 In the early 1930's during Hitler's uprising, he began to sweep throughout Europe seeking out nations to conquer and add to his already growing German empire. He used the Soviets distrust of the western nations to form a temporary alliance and take over Poland. France, and Britain would soon join the battle against one of the most powerful and destructive European powers. After being rejected from the League of Nations, the United States retreated from the international scene and was left isolated from neighboring countries. Threats of war lingering throughout Italy, Japan, and Germany made some Americans apprehensive. The neutrality laws passed through congress made it
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(Korematsu v. United States) These citizens were taken from their homes, and forced to migrate from the west coast to other areas, including separate living arrangements exclusively for those of Japanese origin. They feared dis-loyalties, but they had no proof that all Americans of Japanese descent, alien or non-alien were plotting against the country. Korematsu v. United States, and A. Philip Randolph's, “Why Should We March?” are proof of the fraud behind Roosevelt's Four Freedoms. It is ironic indeed to say that the United States was fighting for global freedom, yet they removed the Japanese from their homes and forced them into concentration camps much like Hitler did to the Jews, and discriminated against the black working men due to the color of their skin, but still expected them to fight. I understand that the two are extremely different, but how can we teach others if we do not first lead by example. The four freedoms were supposed to grant everyone freedom, freedom of expression, religion, from want, and from fear, but they denied certain people their rights because of ancestral differences. Why grant such freedom if they were only effective for a certain group of individuals? Why fight a war for freedom, and justice if you

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