Castle Family Restaurant Essay

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Course Project: Stage II
HRM340: Human Resource Information Systems


Various types of HRIS systems and processes have been reviewed to help Jay Morgan and Family Castle Restaurant run more efficiently as a business. Jay Morgan the Operations Manager, have been using outdated methods for scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions from its employees. Maintaining accurate books and keeping constant communication with the Managers have been a challenge for Jay Morgan. If an accurate HRIS system can be implemented, Jay Morgan will be able to achieve more in business with less time and travel.


Castle Family Restaurant is a family friendly dinning facility that has
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According to their website, Panorama Consulting Company offers a broad range of software options for clients to choose from based on business needs and assessment. They provide a ‘full life cycle, 360-degree consulting service” (Panorama Consulting Solutions, 2012) so the client can make informed decision regarding software solutions and the implementation of those HRIS systems. Panorama Consulting Services are engaged throughout the entire process. They will help the company find the most cost effective software with consideration to time, resources, industry and operational needs.

The Workforce Consultant Group specializes in time and attendance implementation, end-user training strategies to increase productivity, integration with other systems the business currently uses, internal audit and verification, management needs assessment and they help to design and implement reports that are needed. (The WFC Group, 2010). They are a full consulting company that is able to customize any HRIS systems that is being used. They have clients that are not limited to one industry. They have worked with clients in the healthcare, retail, manufacturing, financial, media, nonprofit organizations, and even in government.


Castle Family Restaurant has multiple locations with a number of employees performing different

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