Essay about Cassandra Woke Up Early At 6 A.m

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Cassandra woke up early at 6 a.m. She brushed her black, curly hair out of her green eyes. It was a dark dreary morning that did not encourage her to get out of bed. It was Monday. She got up slowly, taking her time to get ready, both because she had stayed up late the night before doing homework and because she did not like school, as she often struggled to understand the material. She procrastinated as much as she could to get ready for school and was about to put on her shoes when her mother yelled upstairs for her to move it along. Her mother, Lauren, was a single mother ever since her father, Billy, left six years ago. Cassandra could remember clearly, as if it were just yesterday, her father walking out the door and never coming back. At the time she had only been eight. From what Cassandra could get out her mother, her father had received a new job, but it was in New Hampshire, thousands of miles from where they currently lived in North Dakota. Her mother had told her that New Hampshire was too far away for her, that her father, being set at taking the job offer, and her just didn 't want the same thing anymore, so he left. After all these years her mother had finally picked herself up and gotten a new job that could pay the bills, which made her stress less than usual. Recently after her father 's disappearance though, her mother hadn 't been her normal self and Cassandra could see that something was wrong. The way her mother carried herself Cassandra could see she…

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