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Diagnosis and Management of Schizophrenia
Audrey Addaquay-Corey
University of Maryland, Baltimore
NURS 740

Identifying Information
AK is a single 27 year old female from West Africa. She was born and raised in West Africa until she moved to New Jersey for College at age 19. She currently resides with her parents in Baltimore in a single family home.
Chief Complaint “ This is all weird, but I feel like there are people after me”
History of Present Illness (HPI) AK graduated from a four year college in New Jersey in 2010. She moved to Baltimore, MD to live with her parents and to start a job as a middle school teacher. After teaching for two years, she was accepted to law school in August of 2012. Since August of 2012, she had
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It was at this time that the school contacted her parents to express concerns about AKs behavior. A meeting of AK, her parents, AK’s advisor, and the Dean of her school was arranged to discuss the school’s concerns about AKs behavior. During this meeting, AK became extremely agitated because she thought that her parents and the school were “ ganging up” on her. At this meeting AK pulled out a pocket knife and reported that she heard voices telling her to get rid of her advisor because he was the leader of the conspiracy. AK was arrested and taken to a hospital where she was admitted for the first time on October 13, 2013. During this first hospitalization, AK initially refused to take any medications and became increasingly confused and agitated. Later in the hospitalization, she was given Haldol 5mg twice a day and AK reports that took reduced the frequency and severity of the voices and the feeling of being watched was reduced. AK was discharged from the hospital on October 28, 2013. She took a break from law school and had plans to return in the Fall of 2014. She had been taking the prescribed Haldol 5 mg twice a day until the beginning of February, 2014 because she reports that although she was satisfied that she did not gain weight with the Haldol, it gave her painful contractions in her muscles. Since she stopped taking the Haldol in February 2014, the frequency of the voices telling her that she is not good enough and the concerns over being

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