Essay on Case: Warner-Lambert Ireland: Niconil

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Case: Niconil – Warner Lambert Ireland
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Niconil’s Importance to WL & Elan
Major Breakthrough for WL in Smoking Cessation segment. Will help WL strengthen its position in Ireland’s medical industry. Will serve as Test Market for WL to take it to other international markets.

Warner Lambert
Estimated Sales in W Europe for 5 Yrs
250000 200000 150000 100000 50000 0 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994

Elan will earn Royalty on sales of Niconil in Ireland and abroad. Second success for Elan with WL after Dilzem.


Niconil’s Target market & Demand
Irish Population Break-up
Undera ge (16yrs ), 2.5
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This would help control their urges. • Second – Family members would be able to influence smokers into quitting the habit.

Family members can also contribute by involving themselves in the support program.

Prime-mover Advantage & Future Competition

WL will be the first company to introduce such easy to use product with minimal side effects.

Uniqueness of the support program will supplement the sales of Niconil and help in brand awareness & promotion too.
Strong marketing campaign will help Niconil become a Generic Brand. WL should apply for a patent of this product to keep off future competition in this product category.

Niconil Pricing & Packaging
Price • To be priced at par with the cigarette pack for a pack of 2 patches. • This will encourage willing-to-quit smokers to give it a try.
• • • • Unique transdermal product. Delivers nicotine to suppress craving for a cigarette. Minimal side effects as compared to nicorette. No need to chew a gum which is socially not acceptable everywhere.

Packaging • Small packs of 2 patches each. • This will bring a sense of achievement after finishing a pack. • The willing-to-quit will feel confident while purchasing the next pack.

• Hardly any smoker buys cigarettes in bulk. • Smokers are habituated to buy a cigarette pack for a day’s consumption only.

Support Program’s Role, Pricing, Packaging & Distribution
Price • To be Priced at about £ 5. •

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