Case Summary : ' Miss X ' Essay

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1. Case Summary:
Miss X, 16y/o Chinese young teenager visited her GP for a simple UTI treatment. However, she was recommended by her GP to visit the family planning (FP) clinic for advice regarding contraception. Miss X had started a relationship with her boyfriend early this year and they had been sexually active since then. Miss X reported that she sometimes had unprotected sex but said that she had always been careful and not having sex during her ‘fertile’ period. She is currently well, with no symptoms and signs of any pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and she reported that her partner has no known history of STIs. Her current boyfriend is the only person that she reported having sex with. She also confidently said that her boyfriend had no other sexual partners. Miss X had been given some written information about contraception by her GP and she had told her GP not to tell her parents about her relationship. She has a strong belief against using contraception because of cultural and family issues.
At the FP clinic, Miss X was quite reluctant to accept advice on the importance of contraception in her situation. She argued that she had no problems monitoring her own sexual activity. However, the nurse in the clinic was unsure about Miss X’s competency in understanding the consequences of having unprotected sex- risk of pregnancy and STIs, suggesting that she can ask a support person to come along to a next appointment. Upon hearing that suggestion, Miss…

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