Case Stufy Essay

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Case Study 2

Public interest groups claim to work for the good of the whole society, not just one part of it. Public interest groups often have very different ideas as to how to improve society. Many public interest groups tackle a number of related issues. Greenpeace, for example, works to protect ecosystems around the world and to educate the public about dangers to the environment. They are a huge organization built around fixing the environment and making the world a better place. Greenpeace is a non-governmental organization that was started back in 1972 in Vancouver, BC. The founders of Greenpeace started it all in the late 1960s when the U.S had plans for a nuclear weapon test in the island of Amchitka, which is one of the
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They want to basically create a perfect world to live in were violence is to a low and the environment is treated right. This is what basically their vision for the future is. For example, for their campaign for Forests, their main vision is to have zero deforestation by 2020.

An incident like this would be huge for an organization like Greenpeace. Greenpeace is set to help better the environment and promotes peace. Having a animal die and Greenpeace being at fault for it could really hurt how the organization is looked at because they can be thought that they are not really trying their best to keep the environment, that they claim they care about so much, in the best condition they can. We know that one calf whale was killed and the boats propellers injured the mother. We need to verify how this incident actually happened and what was the main cause of it. Investigations that would need to be done is to look into how the boats ended up colliding into each other, since this was the main problem to how this all happened. Greenpeace needs to better train its people to make sure that confusions like this don’t happen. There are many reasons that a situation like this could have taken place. The crew members of the boats might have not been well trained or maybe did not know exactly what they were doing and by that

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