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Known as the McDonaldman of the Philippines, George Yang (Gyang) started his journey after graduation from Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania in 1964. Back in Manila, he settled in to start a family and began a two-year juggling act of working as a marketing manager of a tobacco company (Bataan Cigarettes), consulting for a manufacturing company, and selling a variety of things on the side. These included insurance, nicotine guards (TAR-OFF), imported cosmetics, and lecturing Financial Management and Marketing subjects at his alma mater, De La Salle University. Kristin was very supportive of George. She acted as sales manager of the Tar-Off that George
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GYang was relatively a small fry compared to others who represented well-established holding companies who were well-known in fast-moving consumer goods and had networks of political connections - the big guys. The McDonald’s executives were billeted in an expensive hotel and were chauffeured around town in a limousine. When GYang was given the opportunity to talk with the McDonald’s execs, he did not waste the opportunity to make his pitch – his Wharton schooling, his lecturing at DLSU, his varied work experiences, the good reputation of his family, and his dogged determination to win the franchise. For four years thereafter, there was no words from Illinois. The long wait gave George the opportunity to learn more about McDonald’s. He contracted his friend, Daniel Lee, in Hong Kong, who held the McDonald’s franchise in the British territory to work as a crew member. His eldest son, Kenneth, then 15 years old, joined him. This was the summer of 1980. They rented a New World Apartment unit along Victoria Harbor in Kowloon. Father and son would wake up early to be at MacDonald’s opening at 6:00am. With uniforms and paper hats, they would join the ranks. As a minor, Kenneth worked for only four hours, but George worked the whole circuit – mop floors, wipe kitchen counters, flip burgers, ring up cash registers. Their compensation: for Kenneth a daily Big Mac meal; for George, learning something new (which would come in handy just in case he gets

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