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Change and Culture Case Study II

Melinda Calhoun


December 6, 2012
Kerubo Kinaro

Change and Culture Case Study II

Health care organizations merge to eliminate competition and gain power. Health care organizations that merge will have changes and the staff can be impacted. Six months after a health care organization merges with a competing organization, administration initiates a significant reduction in force and makes a decision to redesign patient delivery. The administration’s first job redesign recommendation was that of a universal worker, but the universal worker delivers different support services. The administration is aware that this support model has failed when implemented in other health care
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Coulter claims she asked staff three specific questions: “What is the outcome of the job? How is the task currently being performed? Can it be done more efficiently? Who is currently performing the task? Is the task performed by a person at an appropriate skill level?” The manager will need to determine if licenses are required for specific jobs, and ensure the staff has the appropriate licenses. Obtaining copies of state regulations can serve as a guideline when looking at staff skill levels. Mangers can discover new job roles during this step of the process. Mingling with employees and employee focus groups will allow the manger to gather the data needed, and help create the culture to support the transformation. The Department of Health and Human Resources states “it is essential to understand current processes before process redesign can begin.” The right plans and tools need to be used when implementing any plan. Examining the data presentation is helpful with the redesigning. The manager will need to set up a team of different staff in order to analyze the data; this will allow different areas to be observed. The Department of Health and Human Resources claim the information needed to be collected during the process mapping is: name of process; process owner; process output; persons involved in delivering the process; person who cares about the process; extent of process to be

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