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Issues in Accounting Education Volume 27, No. 2, 2012 CASE: DEVIANCE AT RKGA LLP Rick Berry slouched over his desk in the audit room at Videonics, his largest year-end client. Busy season was always tough, but this year it seemed even tougher. Since being promoted to senior manager a year and a half ago, Rick felt like he was being even more heavily scrutinized by his partners—including Joe Trumbell, his mentor and long-time friend. While Joe and other partners remained generally complimentary of Rick’s work, they seemed particularly teed up over the work behavior of several staff members of the firm—including some who were on multiple jobs with Rick. When Joe approached Rick and told him that Rick’s proximity to the staffers …show more content…
‘‘The partners think there is something systemic going on here.’’ ‘‘Systemic’’ suggested that each of these situations were somehow related. But how? The Early Days at RKGA LLP Rick could remember the day he accepted his job offer from RKGA. He was a first-semester senior at a large state university in New England and it was the late 1990s. With the economy expanding and the tech industry still moving along at lightning speed, the accounting job market was strong. While he had an offer from one of what was then the Big 5 firms, he accepted the position at RKGA

almost as soon as it was offered to him. RKGA was a large, multi-national firm, very reputable and consistently ranked within the top tier of accounting firms. In Rick’s mind, it had all of the benefits of one of the Big 5 without the ‘‘swagger.’’ On top of that, Rick was impressed that people tended to stay with the firm longer than at others, and the career opportunities seemed promising—several of his alma mater’s grads were still with the Boston office where he had accepted his position. And one of them had moved from staff to senior manager within six years— very, very impressive. Rick joined the firm in the ‘‘early days’’ before Enron, Worldcom, the fall of Arthur Andersen, and the passage of Sarbanes-Oxley. In some ways, Rick thought, that was light years ago—things had changed so much in such a short period of time. And Rick was working his way up through the ranks at

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