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Using PEST analysis to support decision making

Johnson Matthey is a leading global speciality chemicals company. Science and technology are embedded in everything that it does. It has operations in over 30 countries and employs around 11,000 people. It was founded in 1817 to refine and develop products using precious metals – something it still does today. As well as creating precious metal containing products, it also recycles precious metals and manufactures many other high technology products and chemicals. So, how does Johnson Matthey affect you? If you have ever travelled in a car it is likely to have been fitted with a catalytic converter to reduce vehicle emissions. Johnson Matthey produces catalytic
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It creates catalysts which help to control pollution in oil refining processes. These catalysts speed up refining processes and help reduce the sulphur content of petrol, as sulphur is a major pollutant. It also produces tiny components in medical devices like pacemakers and cutting-edge technology such as technical ceramics. In addition, it produces the active ingredients for a variety of pharmaceuticals to benefit the healthcare industry. Curriculum topics covered: • Political factors • Economic factors • Social factors • Technological factors

encourage certain businesses or types of business to operate in their country. In the UK the government encourages innovation in technology-focused businesses. Tax credits are given to businesses that invest in R&D to create new products and techniques, many of which can be exported around the world. Johnson Matthey benefits from tax savings from its R&D, whilst the UK benefits from having a company that develops, makes and exports leading, innovative products. Johnson Matthey continually invests in R&D to remain competitive in the marketplace. It spent over £135 million globally on R&D in 2012, a large proportion of which was in the UK.

Changes in the political arena influence many organisations. For Johnson Matthey, which operates globally, changes in laws and taxes

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