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Answers to Case Study 12.1 Questions
| Short Term | Long Term | Piet Andaro | * Piet will be demotivated impacting the performance of his team and himself. * He might receive negative comments from his management who does not have a full understanding of the role played by Piet which will lead to further dissatisfaction. | * Piet might look forward for a career break which will give him an opportunity to consider other options available to him. * Another competitive Airline might make an offer to Piet and Piet might take the offer taking in to consideration the unsatisfying working environment with the current employer. * In the long run the Airline will realize the overall breadth of work Piet performed and how Piet
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Strategy | HR Contribution | Find self-motivated individuals and make role models out of them. | There are many individuals inside my organization that Management has not properly identified. Working for an IT solutions/services provider these individuals find immense satisfaction when they perform somewhat difficult technical feats. I think the HR could implement a system where they take employee performance feedback from the team leaders about their subordinates on a biannual basis and find ways to recognize these high performing individuals inside the organization. It will help to make new recruits as well as other employees to motivate themselves by having several highly motivated and high performing role models inside the organization. | Create an awareness of the overall organizational goals. | I have seen many incidents inside my organization where some employees do not have the slightest idea about the organizational goals. For most of them their job is just a way to make a living. HR could develop an awareness program for the employees and new recruits to make them realize what the organization stand for. What kind of culture is present inside the organization? What kind of goals the organization strives to achieve? | Create an effective inter-team collaboration method. | My organization consists of several small teams each sometimes working on several projects and sometimes some teams merged to work on a single project. In the eyes of

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