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Case 1 -Performance Management at Jet Food ServicesIt is
Customer Question
Case 10.1-Performance Management at Jet Food Services

It is now the end of Teresa Rose’s first year as regional manager for Jet Food Services. As regional manager, Teresa supervises a total of ten districts, each of which has a manager responsible for sales and service to customers in that area.
Jet Food provides contract food services for hospitals, schools, colleges, business firms, and other institutions that need meals prepared on site but do not wish to be responsible for operating such services. Jet Food Services hires all necessary kitchen employees, purchases all supplies, and prepares meals in accordance with specifications agreed on with customers.
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At present, he is completing twelve years of employment with Jet. He has been a district manager for three years.
In working with Blake, Teresa has observed his strengths, along with some problems. Blake has a talent for working with people, Jet employees and customers alike. In fact, in his years with Jet, no customer he worked with has ever switched to a competitor. Many on-site supervisors recruited, trained, and supervised by Blake have gone on to become managers of other districts. On the other hand, Blake’s unhealthful eating habits-despite doctors’ warnings-have contributed to some serious medical difficulties. During the past year, Blake was out of work for three months with gall bladder and heart problems, attributable in part to obesity. And Blake’s behavior toward others can be overbearing. Teresa kept track of her phone calls from district managers during the year, and there were more calls (or messages) from Blake than from the other nine district managers taken together-calls to promote or advertise his own efforts. Although Blake can be charming, he has started to be loud and rude with regional personnel whom he perceives as excessively rule-oriented. All in all, Blake’s style and appearance have become entirely different from what Teresa is accustomed to in colleagues and employees.
Further, it has been announced that Teresa’s region is going to be expanded and that a new position, that of assistant regional manager, will

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