Case Study Essay

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Case Study # 10
1. What, if anything, should Sony do to turn around the sales of the PS3?
2. What has been Sony’s strategic approach with regard to new product development?
3. What are the key success factors in the video gaming industry today? Are these the same as in the past?
4. What was Sony’s marketing program for the launch of the PS3? What is the competitive advantage of the PS3? What are the weaknesses of the PS3?
5. Compare the marketing program of the Nintendo Wii to the PS3. How are they different?
To turn around the sales of PS3, Sony should upgrade and go more details of interesting games, spotty support for PS2 games and uninspiring online capabilities to capture the interest of the consumers. In the market, Xbox 360 has
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For the video gaming, the successful factors are basically 3D graphics, better software and capability. In the past and present, these factors are still important keys, but nowadays, users are demanding more advanced graphic, advanced processor to enhance 3D full motion videos, advanced development tools and higher margin. Besides all those factors, the interest of users, the story line of the game, trend such as resident evil movie, harry potter movie and so on, levels of game, degree of easiness/hardness and development of new ideas are needed to be a successful game. Another important key is having a library of quality game titles to offer consumers.
When Sony made the launch of PS3, the company spent $ 150 million for advertising campaign to attract the potential customers. The campaign surely supported to reach the information about the launch of PS3 to all the consumers. The gamers would get interested in the purchase of PS3 because of all those advertisements. Besides, Sony provided free food with live performance by famous artists as well. Not only provided free food but also giving high definition television valued at more than $ 4,000 to the first 125 people for purchasing PS3 attract not only the hard core gamers but also other people. Promoting the processing power double is one of the advantages of PS3 which was developed by learning the

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