Case Study on Google Essay

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Executive Summary Google offers benefits and perks to its employees, this made the company known as “the best company to work for” for two years running, as named by Fortune Magazine. All these benefits were made by the Google executives so that employees would feel that they are valued, and focus more on their work. However, despite the many benefits, perks and amenities that the company provides, many people are still leaving. An example of this would be Sean Knapp and two of his colleagues, who handle Web Video, that despite being offered a “blank check to stay” at Google, still left to start their own company. This would be no problem if it was an isolated incident but it has become an alarming trend in the company since other …show more content…
Next, as could be seen in the case, basic financial benefits, like big salaries, benefits (food, vacation packages, etc.), and perks (free food, etc) are not enough to keep most of its talented employees. Based on the expectancy theory, as the employees’ various products and ideas get more popular and demanded, the creators and innovators receive a higher share in the profits and bonuses of that particular innovation/product in recognition of their efforts. Better stock options could also be offered so that the efforts of the employees are better directed towards the overall productivity of company since this will benefit them as well.

Since the employees work for very long hours due to the fact of the industry being competitive and cut throat, meaning they don’t get to go home and spend time with their families, their social needs aren’t sufficiently satisfied. If the Flextime[9] is implemented, they can somehow modify their work hours to suit their necessities and they can work at their own pace. With this type of scheme, they can socialize and devote enough of their time to their families, loved ones, and friends without seriously affecting their work performance and efficiency.

In order to achieve self-actualization among its employees, Google can provide programs conducting free trainings to further educate the workers in their respective fields. This can help the employees become more flexible and it would enable

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