Case Study of Applied Research Technologies Incorporation Essay

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Case study of Applied Research Technologies Incorporation
The case study is about the Applied Research Technologies Incorporation, which is an emerging corporation in the field of technology. Company has built up its strength from mergers and acquisitions in the year of 1980 and 1990. As a result, in the year of 2006, the ART portfolio consist of 60 business units having major divisions of Industrial automation, Health care, HVAC (Heating ventilation and air conditioning) and Water management Division.
Backbone of the business:-
Innovative Culture:-
The company success is based on the innovative environment and friendly culture for the entrepreneur mind people. The encouragement for innovative ideas can be idealized from the fact that
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This was unfortunate that regardless of too much research and hard work behind the product, it was failed because of significant smell was still found out in the purified water.
In the result, funding agencies rejected the projected.
Second generation product:-
Although the failure of the product was a big disaster for the Vyas, but he came up with a new enthusiasm and tried to turn the tables over. The team decided to work for another group of potential customers that was mentioned in Wager market analysis report.
In this time they wanted to manufacture a product for “military and disaster relief NGO, s”. They refocus all their efforts and at the end they succeeded to overcome the odor problem. But in this time problem caught them in another way, due to high power requirement a frequent battery replacement was a necessary outcome. So, no order would be expedited in near future.
Third generation product:-
It is the reality that there were two consecutive failures but the Vyas team still thought that it was not the end of story. They made up a new plan and demanded $2 Million.
A new six person development team was designed by Vyas who had smart project management and leading skills. The team work tirelessly for the completion of three phase model of Cynthia Jackson (Vice President of Water Management Division). Cynthia Jackson gave a three phase model for third generation product:
Market analysis.

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