Case Study H/R Essay

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1. Discuss the challenges faced by HR management when significant staff cutbacks occur and how they should be addressed.

In my opinion one of the most difficult challenges faced by HR management when significant staff cutbacks occur is having to lay off fellow co-workers that do not deserve to lose their jobs. When laying off part of your work force you have to find a way to get the same amount of work done but with less people. This is very hard because once a layoffs occur other workers tend to lose morale, trust and productivity suffers. Mainly because the remaining employees are always waiting and wondering when and if there time will come to. As cutbacks occur employees start looking for other jobs, resistance could become a
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If you have well trained and competent employees this helps the company by increasing customer satisfaction, adding credibility and by adding to the reputation of the company. Showing employees that there is still hope and there are still advancement opportunities helps in reducing turnover, and employee dissatisfaction within the company. I would be willing to take a lower wage to be happy in my work day, with a company that is honest and straightforward with me than I would to have a job with a company that I am completely miserable at.

1. Discuss why the various diversity efforts of McDonald’s and Starbucks are good business practices.

In the world today we are a mix of every race and let’s face facts people are disabled. Why should any of these be an issue with being employed and having a job? I have worked with many type of people from other races to the disabled and as long as you have the want to and the desire to work you will succeed and should succeed. I think it shows great initiative for these large corporations to not only hire but to train all of their employees in there diversity efforts. By teaching and using diversity as a good business practices they are positioning themselves to be a more competitive organization. According to the “Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2004,” a rapid growth of the minority and

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