Case Study – a Sickeningly Sweet Baby Boy Essay

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Case Study – A Sickeningly Sweet Baby Boy

Part I Questions 1. What additional information would you want to know to understand Emma and Jacob’s panic?
To understand the cause of the panic that was brought to Jacob and Emma, you would need to know more about the state of the baby. This article just describes that the boy was having difficulty feeding, and after seven days he stopped feeding. This isn’t a situation that brings upon panic right away, but for Emma and Jacob it did. The panic was partly because they had already had a child that died from unknown reasons in the first nine days of his life, and didn’t want to lose another. The state of the current baby, such as if it was premature, or if it was very sick looking and
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4. How could their son have inherited MSUD even though neither parent suffers with it?
The son of Emma and Jacob inherited the disease even though neither Emma or Jacob suffer with it because it must be a recessive disease, meaning the allele that makes you have the disease is recessive so in order to have the disease, you must have two of the recessive allele. Emma and Jacob must each be a carrier of the recessive allele, but because this disease shows complete dominance, they also have the dominant normal allele, meaning they do not have this disease. This occurs very frequently with other recessive genetic disorders, where the parents are both carriers and show no signs of the symptoms, but the child inherits both recessive genes and has the disease. However, both parents being carriers doesn’t mean that the child will absolutely get the disease, it just means that there is a 25% chance that it may. Inheritance of genes is not set, but rather occurs randomly, the way a coin is flipped and has a 50% chance of landing on heads, but rarely will actually land on heads exactly 50% of the time. 5. What is the probability that they would have another affected child? A carrier? | N | n | N | NN | Nn | n | Nn | nn |
Emma and Jacob’s genotypes are both Nn (N = Normal, n = affected) because they are carriers of the disease, meaning they have one recessive affected allele and one

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