Case Study - Zatswho Llc. Essay

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Case Study One – Zatswho LLC. 1. What tips can you offer Cooper and Schwinoff about family members who start and run a business together? What pitfalls would you warn them to avoid?
Some tips that I would offer Cooper and Schwinoff would be to listen to one another and compromise on what you may or may not think is the right thing to do. A tip that I would offer Schwinoff would be that even though Trisha is your mother stand up for what you think is the right thing to do with the company but don’t force your opinion upon her, working together in a peaceful state of mind would be the best way to deal with any complications of the company. A tip that I would offer Cooper is that just because Carrie is your daughter doesn’t mean that
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Cooper and Schwinoff, you should engage in guerrilla marketing through the social networks and blogging. Engaging in social marketing with this product would allow you to aim your product at a larger audience via the internet. Blogging is also a great way to gain a larger audience and get immediate feedback from those that have purchase the item already, they would be able to inform them on what works and if the product could use improvements anywhere. Some of the key points to this would be: * Mass marketing – being able to market a product like this all over the nation is a big thing and using the internet would be the best way to get your products information out there and what they do best. * Free advertising – the internet social media sites are a great way of getting free advertising. In the past word-of-mouth was number one, but didn’t and couldn’t travel very far without calling friends and family, today the internet makes all of this possible without ever picking up a phone. * Blogging – it’s an easy way to get customers attention about the product and to get feedback in regards to the products faults and/or successes that the product has. Having an easy way to communicate with the customers makes it easy for the company to make any necessary changes to the product whether those changes seem right or not to the company. It also allows for customer to review the

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