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Case study 1. The Background of the Case
Wipro technologies are a company focused on the software and information technology service division as a part of the Wipro group whose header quarter located in Bangalore, India (Wipro Technologies Europe A, 2015). Nandy as the director of Sales and Marketing in Europe started the European operation in London as the headerquarter for Western Eurpoe and he was an Indian with the Indian and American working experiences (Wipro Technologies Europe A, 2015). As a global company, Wipro’s European sales, marketing and project management staff were exclusively Indian expatriates with a short time in Europe (Wipro Technologies Europe A, 2015). These staffs couldn’t build good relationships with the
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long-term orientation aspect Nandy paid more attention on the long-term orientation not only for the Indian and European employees, but also for Wipro’s clients and teaching them how to coordinate with Wipro and Indians (Coelho, 2011). For instance, Nandy designed a proper induction program witch send the new European employees to Indian so as to learn the culture of Wipro and its vales and more (Wipro Technologies Europe A, 2015).

2.2 Hall Cultural Dimensions
Hall cultural framework contains four dimensions composed of High vs. Low Context Communication, Spatial Orientation, Monochrome vs. polychrome concept of time and Information Speed (Edwards & Rees, 2011).

In the High vs. Low Context Communication, the Europe is an area where has many different countries with different cultures (Coelho, 2011). For instance, the France has high context cultures, while Germany has a low context culture (Fischer, 2009). Nandy hired the different locals for his European business which is a good reflection for the complexity of the European cultures (Wipro Technologies Europe B, 2015).

In the Monochrome vs. polychrome concept of time part, India trends to a monochrome concept of time and will do one thing until it is accomplished, which the European employees will trend to polychrome concept of time (Nina, 2005). And in their mind work is a part of life they also need time to relax themselves (Nina, 2005). This is a difference between India and European for

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