Case Study: Who's Afraid Of The Working Class

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In 2015 I directed, with Flinders University Drama Centre, Who’s Afraid of the Working Class. This production was part of my assessment at Flinders University for my Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) – Directing Degree. Originally when planning on critically reflecting on this production I had planned to omit the requirements and restrictions that the university placed upon the process however on further reflection those requirements and restrictions are comparable to those placed upon a director by a producer or artistic director. This process included auditions, production meetings, readings, rehearsals and the eventual staging of the production. Along with myself on this production was Morag Cook who assisted me in design, Dr Anne Thompson who assisted me in the role of director, and Andrew Bailey who was our Stage Manager.
The script Who’s
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As both Trash and Dreamtown had become a stronger focus of the production we incorporated clothing and clothing racks into the design. I had also intended to utilize several Brechtian estrangement effects (Verfremdungseffekt) to create a piece which, whilst not fully Brechtian, distanced from the action and allowed the audience to process what they had just seen not just emotionally but intellectually as well. The addition of estrangement effects was also due to the removal of the News reporter character from Suit. These effects included the positioning of the audience (angled in a way where the audience could only just see one another), live music performed and sung by the performers and finally the performers on stage at all time, visible against the back of the stage. The clothing racks were portable and allowed for dynamic scene changes creating a sense of flow. No sets were repeated demanding the audience’s attention and focus rather than allowing them to relax into a state of

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