Essay on Case Study : What Are We Going For Do About Jack?

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Seminar One Case Study: “What are we going to do about Jack?”
Critical Factors
There are several critical factors presented in this case about Jack. Jack has a long tenure with the company, yet it appears that Jack is no longer effective in his position as a manager. He adds value from his knowledge and experience, but is probably doing more harm than good due to his lack of management skills. Jack is struggling with developing and maintaining employees, which can be a sign of poor management. Allowing an ineffective manager to remain in place can have many negative impacts, such as high turnover, increased stress, lower morale, and lower productivity (Leviticus, 2016). The owners and employees are the key stake holders that are involved with the situation Jack has created. The owners have concerns based on the impact Jack is having on the department, due to the treatment of the staff and the high turnover rates. High turnover leads to lower productive and increased hiring costs. The employees are impacted by the type of work environment Jack has created by treating employees poorly and not being willing to accept employee feedback and contributions. Jack has also created a hostile working situation with HR, fellow managers and the employees.
There is an additional concern HR will need to manage in this situation. Due Jack’s long tenure, 32 years, and self proclaimed retirement date, HR will need to make sure they handle this situation very carefully and fully…

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