Essay on Case Study Week 1 Operations Management

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OSCM390 - E1WW
John Haile
Professor Salsburey
Case Study 1) What is the activity utilization rate at each step in the process of providing care? What is the direct labor utilization?
Activity Utilization Rate
Front Desk
Registration 74%
Verification 77.37%
46% New Patients 31.37% Follow-Up Patients
54.4% Imaging
24.4% (new patients)
30% (follow-up)
Development of X-rays
Diagnostic Reading and Comments
22.2% (new patients)
26.66% (follow-up)
Return to Clinic
Examination Room
Surgeon 109.76%
Senior Resident

Direct Labor Utilization Rate 47.037% (Time Required/Time Available)
2109.6 / 4485

2) How is variability affecting capacity at the clinic? Can the
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This gives the patient and parent freedom to handle this on their own time more leisurely. One clerk and one nurse, (if necessary) from the staff can process all of the patient’s information on the Sunday before the week began. Once the information has been processed, the clerk would email the parents back with a verification code, and an informational brochure that explains the x-ray procedure. The code would then be communicated upon arrival to the clinic to one of the remaining 2 receptionist. Where upon the receptionist would hand a file to the parent, this would leave 2 clerks day of the appointments for live reception and three nurses. This would cut down waiting through registration from 16 minutes for new patients, and 10 minutes for returning patients to about 2 minutes for both.
The obvious adjustment would be to dedicate four x-ray machines for the clinics use Monday thru Wednesday, and setting two for upper extremities and two for lower extremities, or having done the preregistration mentioned above, calculate the percentage between the x-rays needed for a given day and set up the imaging rooms accordingly. This would cut wait time down even more, as mentioned previously a pamphlet explaining the x-ray procedure would have already been communicated to the parent/patient; these pamphlets should also be placed in the x-ray reception area, they should be very user friendly, and easy

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