Is3350 Unit 3 Assignment

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16. As stated in section 8, the measurements for those objectives are:
- Financial measurement of revenue: not lower than $60,000
- Number of employees recruited and trained: 5
- Number of customer accounts: more than 5,000
- Number of domains hosted: more than 1,000
- Number of website designed according to orders: 300
- Number of SEO & Logo design service performed: 100
17. In recent years, there are a large number of individuals and businesses wanting to open their websites. Due to that trend and the value-added by my business as mentioned in section 3, there is a considerable demand for our products. About the prices, we provide free templates, 3 hosting plans: Small, Medium & Large, which are $8, $18, and $28 respectively, according to 30s Website Design Cost Calculator, Mashable, 2015. Our web design service costs $700 per project, based on general prices of that category of services
18. Based on my research, it is Weebly Co. who has the most similar products to ours and is likely the competitor. They opened in 2013, and they offer similar services and prices as well.
19. Weblab Co.’s Code of Ethics holds the principles which governs how we serve:
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For example, I had to carefully check the different types of ownerships in order to find out the best fit. I also went back through the definitions of vision, mission, goals and objectives to clearly differentiate, or stated the items of 5 production factors.
If it wasn’t for those mentioned question, I were not able to conduct a detailed business plan, namely determining the cost of 1st year operation, the money needed at start, the quality and prices of the products. I remember you said that it was not an assignment but was a real business. Though my business plan needs more works on it, the 20 questions of part I helped me go through a long way, developing my initial idea and interest into a most likely

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