Case Study: Volatile Leadership And Slow Growth Of Sunbeam

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Volatile Leadership and Slow Growth of Sunbeam
By the time Dunlap took management at Sunbeam, it was experiencing vast of problems hindering its undertakings. Before Dunlap, Paul Kazarian who was the head, employed a volatile leadership system at the firm. However, because of his volatility in the internal affairs, he failed to respond to the market changes at that time. Moreover, because of his style of leadership, he loved to exercise too much control and power over the rest of the employees. These actions only served as a recipe to demoralize the employees rather than motivate them to help save the company that is on the brink to fall. Additionally, he stifled the growth of the workers; therefore, killing the growth of other leaders and workers who needed to advance (Hill 1099).
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They all failed to give the company great leadership for the future. Dunlap in collaboration with the shareholders concentrated all their effort on making profit for themselves and not for the whole Sunbeam team. Notably, they were driven by self-greed which results in failure of many big companies and end bankrupt. Secondly, they opened a lot of branches without knowing how they would incur excessive costs (Byrne 18). On the contrary, they would have focused on the one company with a medium number of employees while improving the production facilities to increase their output percentage (Hall et al. 8). On the same note, the company should have redefined the products like kitchen appliances, personal care, health care, and outdoor cooking. Finally, the company management should have concentrated on building a strong advertisement team to sell the products out to attract new customers (Singer). The success of a business always lies in the number of customers they supply. But when a firm cannot invest in their customers it is set for its

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