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Change Analysis HR 587

Change Analysis

Change Management includes the processes and tools to manage the human impact of a transition. These tools include a structured approach that can be effectively used to create, accompany and support the transition, helping the organization to build and manage own transformation.


Briefly explains the strategic change initiative Executing Strategic Change provides business leaders with a global framework and powerful tools to translate a strategy set out in the action of the organization. An interactive workshop format is designed for a select group of 20 senior executives. Based on the
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The second phase implementation strategy includes these steps: notification of new strategic vision, the program, management of human impacts has resulted from its application to the maintenance of a consistently high level of company operations, consolidating the new structure achieved. The third phase of evaluation and adjustment focuses on measuring results and planning for future developments. In these stages of group collaboration tools such as mind maps and concept maps can be of great help in providing an overall systemic approach (Lawler, 2006).

Application Analysis

Gather information within your organization or through the case study that supports the strategic change initiative. Strategic planning is the process of developing strategies to achieve a goal. Planning "strategic" must operate on a large scale (as opposed to planning "tactics", which refers to more activities). The long-term planning projects ongoing activities in the external environment, and describing the results that are likely to occur (as they are desired or not). Strategic planning is then to "create" more desirable future or influencing the outer world, either by adapting programs and ongoing activities so that they lead to more favorable outcomes in the

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