Case Study: Vidding Free Expression Or Copyright Piracy?

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Register to read the introduction… U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales proposed a bill that would enhance intellectual-property protections so that individuals will be prosecuted for unlawful copies of music, movies, software or other copyrighted material. This bill would allow investigators to seize assets purchased with money made from sales of copies and blank CDs that could be used to make copies later in the future. Anyone found guilty of violating copyright laws will be prosecuted and forced to pay restitution to the owner of the material in question (Moya, 2005).
In conclusion, vidding may be a free expression, but it is still in violation of the copyright law. Anytime you copy unauthorized copyright material, music or movies that are covered under the copyright law, you have committed an illegal act. These types of acts can result in retribution of sales, if for profit, and even prison. So, be careful when uploading or downloading material from the Internet or other

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