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Case Study Two Quiz Question Carlos Rivera has a daunting task ahead of him in his first year of teaching. The Midwest community that he is teaching fifth grade at is divided over the influx of Mexican immigrant families that have recently moved into the area. Almost 30% of his students are from Mexican immigrant families and many of them have one or both parents that are undocumented citizens. While Mr. Rivera is of Latino decent and fluent in Spanish; he comes from a wealthy family that has been in the U.S. for multiple generations. Mr. Rivera is eager to get his school year off to a good start and create a supportive environment for the immigrant students in his classroom. However, prior to taking this journey Mr. Rivera would be wise to reflect on the changes in immigration demographics and misconceptions, the funds of knowledge available to him, as well as the components of culturally responsive teaching that will help him realize his goals.

Immigrant Demographic Changes Since 1965
For Mr. Rivera to achieve his goals in his classroom, striving to educate himself on United States immigration policies and the impact these policies have had not only on the new Mexican immigrants to his community but the generational immigrants already in place. The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 abolished a quota system of immigrants based on their nation of origin and instituted an immigration policy based on reuniting immigrant families, enticing skilled labor to the…

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