Case Study - Troubleshooting Information Systems At theRoyal Hotel

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Major Issues

1) Management issues on the part of Fancy Consultants & Company
a. Sent an intern alone on his first assignment
b. Assignment was only slated for 1 week (Piccoli 53)
c. Pulled intern from job before it was completed
2) Blake jumped right to an IT solution without understanding the as-is system fully. He “Put the cart before the horse” (Piccoli 49).
3) Only topical analysis was done causing failure in the design and implementation stages
a. Interviewed GM, and FM’s
b. Did not interview end users
c. Could have used a different methodology
4) Blake left the job before it was completed
a. did not provide proper training and support after implementation
b. did not communicate with his replacement one he was gone
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He only took the GM’s interpretation of the problem into consideration without fully understanding the systemic effects this new system would have on the structure, people, process, and technology of the Royal Hotel.

3) After the new system was implemented, Blake should have provided support to the functional managers, and staff of the Royal Hotel. This would helped the hotel employees more effectively and efficiently transition to the new system. Additionally, if the managers of the Royal Hotel acted as champions for Espresso! the rest of the staff would have been more likely to follow suit. 4) Blake could have also taken a slightly different approach to the implementation of this new system. He could have used a prototype based methodology (Dennis, Wixom, and Tegarden 13). He could have then focused on changing the system, one floor at a time, starting with the floors that hosted entry level or lower level guests. The end goal would be to implement the system in the executive level suites after the staff have mastered the process. This process, although longer, would have resulted in a staff that better understood the new preventative maintenance system.

Responses to Case Questions

1) Despite having relatively little specific information about why the system failed, what do you think are the main reason s for such failure?
A major reason for the failure is that Blake skipped the analysis phase of the project and

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