Case Study : Top Dawg Xpress Employees Essay

817 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
From: Chetan Khera
To: Top Dawg Xpress Employees
Subject: Staff Transferring to Germany
CC: Management

To our Valued Employees,
Thank you for your contribution to our company by helping us merge with Horst Walberg Trockenfrucht Import. Your efforts have truly assisted us by creating a more efficient relationship with our provider. We strongly believe that with your contribution we will be able to expand and excel within the upcoming years. Our management team will now be the first to conduct a staff meeting overseas with our exporting partners. As for our success we have been given the opportunity by Top Dawg Xpress to provide our services in Germany. We believe that with your assistance we will be able to create a better relationship with our partners and gain a better understanding of the country. Therefore, our company has created several guidelines that we want you to attain in order provide the best services for our partner. We want you and the members training to obtain the best knowledge and skill to help us guarantee excel with our partners. In addition with this service we want to ensure that we will have the fundamentals for our future employees to succeed and ensure a positive outcome. I, Chetan Khera, the Head Manager of Top Dog Xpress will be illustrating the following topics: top commodities, accommodations and ways of transportation in Germany. In Germany there are two types of commodities that are import and export. The products that are imported are…

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