Essay on Case Study : The 's Removal

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Mortenson had no prior experience serving on a board and lacked the knowledge and skills to effectively manage CAI as it grew. While a better suited president would set an example for the other members and staff, Mortenson took advantage of his position by accepting travel fees from event sponsors even though CAI was already paying his travel costs. He took money donated to CAI and spent it on personal items such as charter flights for family vacations, clothing, and internet downloads. Additionally, Mortenson fired those who tried to rein him in and apply methods of accountability. He also deliberately put people who were loyal to himself on the board, so he could remain in power. Anyone exhibiting founder syndrome that cannot be deterred should be immediately removed from the board and stripped of voting privileges (MONTANA ATTORNEY GENERAL 'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORT of Greg Mortenson and Central Asia Institute).
Mortenson’s removal would provide opportunity to instate new, better suited members to the board as all board members were chosen by Mortenson for their loyalty towards him, and not exclusively for their skills, and, like Mortenson, many members had no prior experience. Without Mortenson’s influence the board could hire members based on the organization’s needs, rather than loyalty to Mortenson’s gross assertion of power ("MONTANA ATTORNEY GENERAL 'S INVESTIGATIVE REPORT of Greg Mortenson and Central Asia Institute"). Also, he would no longer be able…

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