Case Study Unme Jeans

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a) Which, if any, of the 3 social media plans should Foley pursue? Why?
Foley should pursue the Zwinktopia social media plan. The Platform has a very niche target (Girls 13-24) which fits perfect into UnMe Jeans’s target. UnMe jeans can integrate their brand into the platform, this way users can promote the brand virtually by purchasing its products through virtual retail stores. From a Web 2.0 point of view, this social media plan supports all of the opportunities perceived as cultural values:
1. Social affiliation: The website has its own social affiliation per se, the target audience has a very strong interest towards music and fashion thus building a sense of community in which UnMe Jens can be immersed into.
2. Consumer Co-creation: As users have to impersonate their avatars by customizing their clothing, UnMe Jeans can turn into their main source of “standing out” for the rest of the community, celebrating avatar’s individuality.
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Sharing: Since avatars are invited to speak out against conformity on a soapbox in the center of the store, this will lead into an “experience” for users sponsored by UnMe Jeans. Also, they will be able to share their own customized UnMe Jeans products with other avatars.
4. Digital self-expression: As a response to a desire to express their identities, “Zwinkies” will be invited to exert their creativity by designing their own virtual UnMe Jeans products as a contest, the best design would be produced in the real world thus boosting brand awareness. b) What benefits would Foley gain from each of the 3 social media plans? What risks does each entail? How can Foley reap the benefits and mitigate the risks of each program?
1) Zwinktopia

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