The Virtue Test Case

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We are presented with a formidable quandary for Lauren to overcome at her new job. She has to make a rather difficult decision on whether to green-light her company’s product meeting the contracted specifications from a buyer. However she has discovered the products don’t quite meet specifications, with a chance to completely fail under high humidity conditions. Therefore she has to decide to pass and sign off on the new product which will help fulfill her company’s lucrative new contract, or not pass the product, with possible serious negative repercussions for herself and the company. This is the most critical aspect of the dilemma and it must be addressed properly to ensure success for all parties involved. However, there are numerous stakeholders …show more content…
The scenario presents a great look-in-the-mirror type of opportunity for Lauren and the company, and can this simple transgression permanently tarnish her and even the company’s image in the market place? This is the first step in the Virtue test and it sets up moving to step two. Ultimately, does the company and Lauren as well, want to be known as trustworthy and take no shortcuts in their field? This I believe would be the case and pressing ahead with a bad product is an unacceptable option up till now. Moving to step three, we come to address an interesting facet of Lauren’s issue, and that is how do you balance excellence and success? In other words, will they meet the contract requirements or provide products that do not meet the contract specifications to complete the sale. Both avenues have their pros and cons at this point, however ultimately does the company want to be known in the industry to be the type of company that does not honor the agreed upon requirements with their customers? Obviously not and this will most likely have serious ramifications on the company’s future success if this path is chosen. It is at this juncture Lauren can say by using the Virtue test, it would be unethical to proceed with signing the report and to re-engage with her supervision to have them make the right call with this new

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