Case Study: The Venetian Casino

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The largest casino hotel in the world is The Venetian Macau. “This casino hotel is so huge that you could fit 90 Boeing 747 jumbo jets into it” (Rechtig, 2009)

Square feet: 546,000
Gaming machines: 3,000
Table and poker games: 870
Restaurants and bars: 24
Hotel rooms: 3,000

A casino hotel is composed of casinos with accommodation provided in a local hotel. Customers can enjoy of both buildings at once. Since the casino and hotel located in the same premises, guests at the same time can gamble, rest and to enjoy all this on one place.
Casinos can offer different kind of slot machines, roulette, poker, sports betting and blackjack. Hotel, which is close to or connected with the casino, food and drink, providing accommodation,
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All in all, a career in the casino industry is a good bet for people with strong customer service skills who enjoy working with the public.


A number of socioeconomic and psychological reasons explain why people visit casino hotels. These include a desire to gamble, recreation and entertainment, social reasons, economic factors, curiosity (must-see), amenities, and prestige. CITATION
On one hand casino hotels have several disadvantages like they bring us a lot of problems like crime, prostitution, violence… But on another hand we have a lot of advantages like casino hotel can bring us a lot of money to the state, can attract tourist form all around the world, they can offer quality jobs…
If you want to open casino hotel you should be sure that you can solve all these problems and only after this, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the advantages of this

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