Case Study: The Title X Family Planning Program

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Title X Family Planning Program (Public Law 91-572).
The “Population Research and Voluntary Family Planning Program” is the only federal program that family planning and reproductive-health services are addressed to. As a part of the Public Health Service Act, it was enacted with bi-partisan support in 1970 and signed by President Nixon (Pro-Choice America). Chief co-sponsor, George H. W. Bush, was a key advocate for this legislation (Pro-Choice America). For over 40 years, this federal policy has provided cost-effective and high quality family planning and similar preventative health services for low-income men and women (Office of Population Affairs).

What’s the issue? Recent discussion and media coverage surrounds the Planned Parenthood
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It is extremely important that women have access to contraceptive care to obtain their health, and because a critical component of such access includes insurance coverage. Federal Funding for the Title X family planning program does not reach the demonstrated need for family planning care and the challenges of the provider network. Title X would need about $737 million to meet existing needs of publicly funded family planning care in the US, however it only is funded at $286.5 million. The Supreme Court should continue to build on the requirement of contraceptive coverage and the preventative benefits enacted under the ACA along with a robust family planning program to ensure care for numerous women and their families (Coleman, …show more content…
As a result, Congress created Title X, the first federal program in the nation to provide family planning services. Throughout the decades, Title X has assisted in the development of a national network of family planning clinics, enabled millions of women to plan their pregnancies and prevent unintended births, and has established standards used for high-quality delivery of care with low-cost family planning services nationwide (Gold, 2001). The Title X program has helped women avoid nearly 20 million pregnancies and prevent unplanned births since 1980. With this said, it is appropriate in recent years to make Title X’s history and its record of accomplishment seen (Gold,

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