Case Study : ' The Scarlett Hospital ' Essay examples

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Stopping Outshopping
Scarlett Hospital is the only available hospital in the Walnut Grove community consequently, focusing on competition was a nonexistent matter. They were able to monopolize the health care sector in this region since they were the only easily accessible hospital in the area. A new development has caused concern for the hospital since building a new highway poses a potential quandary for hospital, since this will allow consumers the choice to seek care at other organizations within a reasonable distance. Historically the primary focus was on providing extraordinary patient care conversely now they are faced with retaining consumers and not losing them to a larger market in Salem. The President and CEO will have to redesign their marketing efforts in order to remain ahead of the competition. The government decision to build the highway will be beneficial for the residents, but unfavorable for the hospital, which may cause an influx of patients to obtain medical care elsewhere.
Prepared to Compete
The Scarlett Hospital is a reputable facility that is well-known to the residences for their high level of care. Even though there were health organizations located in Salem the hospital in Walnut Grove was making incredible strides in the health care arena. Consumers always had the option of seeking care in Salem if they were willing to endure a long commute, however they preferred to get their care locally. The distance may have been a deterrent for some,…

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