Business Case Study: Samuel Jones Ltd.

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The sales culture at Trickford is more collectivism than that of Samuel Jones Ltd, which is more individualist. From the case study, the conversation between David and Romano reveals that there is an existing conflict at the newly formed company especially because most of the employees who worked with Trickford, also because of the actions or rather due to the way Romano handle his tasks at the company. From the expenses to the time spent at the typist and photocopy as well as the time of report writing, there is a conflict of interests. Certain people even have problems with the way Romano has painted his car and the fact that Romano disappears on Fridays and does not report at the office on time that is 8:30 in the morning. According to David …show more content…
The present culture used by Trickford–Jones Ltd is a mixture of the two cultures. The sales culture of Samuel Jones was more customers focused than that of Trickford Flexibility Products. Although the newly formed company is a mixture of the two, there appears to be a problem balancing the activities of both cultures. Nevertheless, Romano, who appears to be a little problematic, was placed under David, who appears to understand why he does what he does. In that case, the new structure is likely to function correctly as long as the entire management is willing and able to strike a balance. Furthermore, employees should be engaged in all the decision making processes instead of imposing things on them (DuBois & Rangaraja 2014). Like in this case, it appears that Romano is being forced to recklessness the behavior he adopted while working at Samuel Jones Ltd and hence the existing …show more content…
There is also an urgent need for the management to determine the number of days or hours that an employee is allowed to work outside the office. Some employees believe that Romano chooses to play golf on Fridays without any business intention in mind. On the other hand, he does so because he is seeking to obtain new business for the company. A proper channel of communication should be established where such issues are reported to the senior management for him to have prior knowledge of the matter. Resource allocation can be a major challenge in any department of an organization if not handled

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