Monsanto Law Research Paper

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The Pot Calling the Kettle Corrupt Many of the social ills in Central America are inadvertently caused by corporate and government crimes of the United States. Regardless, Human beings deserve the right to flee poor economic systems, and support from their peers while transitioning. The people of The United States need to hold elected officials accountable for their crimes; we must push for rights of all the innocent peoples often tastelessly referred to as “illegal immigrants.”
Envision the linguistic dissection of the word “illegal.” Imagine the bald eagle, an endangered species, sick and vomiting out of disgust for all the crimes Washington has committed against people of their country and all over the world. Legality and Justice have blurred
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In Guatemala, locals are frustrated and have ordered a suspension of a law that takes away their rights to seeds in their own country, “ …writ of amparo(ampere) was filed by the Guatemalan Union, Indigenous and Peasant Movement, which argued the law would harm the nation, La Voz reported…Law for the Protection of New Plant Varieties, ' dubbed the 'Monsanto Law ' by critics for its formidable seed-privatization provisions, is an obligation for all nations that signed the 2005 CAFTA-DR free trade agreement.”(RT-USA). Guatemala could be removed from the CAFTA if they continue to suspend and choose eliminate the law. If they keep it, citizens will face 1 to 4 year prison sentences and fines from hundreds to thousands of dollars simply for growing their traditional seeds that may’ve cross pollinated with a Monsanto patented crop growing nearby (RT-USA). The pressure these corporate entities that run the US government and attempt to run the world put on innocent people is unsettling. Big corporations that bully small farmers play a large role in the migration for work elsewhere. It is not the migrants, but the USA Oligarchy that continues to take any step necessary for profits with no compassion for its victims regardless of race or …show more content…
Some border patrol officer have completely alienated themselves in the militaristic hunt of innocent travelers. (Urrea) May we question the effect of increased border patrol on privatized corporations? Up until the 1990’s there were less than 4,000 border patrol agents ,but after September 11, 2001 the number of agents doubled and the responsibility was passed from the Departments of Labor and Justice to The Department of Homeland security. Since then billions of dollars (mostly during President Barrack Obama’s term) have been poured into the border patrol: “If you look at the fiscal 2012 budget of border enforcement and immigration enforcement, it was $18 billion. And that was more than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined, and that includes the DEA, FBI, U.S. Marshals, (all) these big agencies. So this has become a priority mission for the U.S. federal government,” states Todd Miller, writer, when interviewed by Jessica Desvarieux of Real News Network. Visiting various trade shows Miller saw Department of Homeland Security selling contracts to companies like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing who are in need of profit as the war in Iraq slows down. As United States government continues to fund this technologically advance border patrol excursion, no real good is being done for the citizens of either side. Furthermore, since 9-11

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