Essay on Case Study : The Lincoln Electric Company

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Case study prepared by Arthur Sharplin. (1989), will be analyzed under the frame work of P-O-L-C. (Planning, organizing, leading & controlling), this analysis will start from Planning by covering it aspects of Vision and Mission, Strategy and objectives. Then it comes to organizing where organization design and culture will be described in light of Arthur Sharplin case study which further highlights the leading and controlling aspects of the company.


Lincoln Electric Company is a well-known and successful manufacturing company. According to Arthur Sharplin. (1989) - "The Lincoln Electric Company is the world 's largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes. Lincoln employs 2,400 workers in two U.S. factories near Cleveland and approximately 600 in three factories located in other countries. This does not include the field sales force of more than 200 persons.” In the same industry Lincoln Electric hold 40% of the shares.


Lincoln Electric Company culture and management attitude directly reflects their motto "The Actual is limited, the possible is Immense”. Company aim is not only profitability, they give highest priority to their customer 's needs. As mentioned by Arthur Sharplin. (1989) - James

Lincoln saw the customer 's needs as the raison d 'etre for every company. He wrote "all money usually needed for expansion is supplied by the customer in retained earnings. It is obvious that the customer 's interests, not the stockholder…

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