Essay about Case Study : The Jodi Arias Case

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I decided to do option #2 major case observation and analysis. The online case I decided to do my research on was the Jodi Arias case. I believe the reason I picked this case over the others was this case was very interesting to me. Sure the O.J. Simpson case was a big one, but we all know he got away with murder. The George Zimmerman’s case didn’t last that long, and I felt that I would just find the same information in my research. This is because in my other class we had to do a research paper on Zimmerman or James Holmes. I found a lot more info on Holmes, then I did Zimmerman. To get to the case proceeding that I viewed, was the defense closing arguments of the Jodi Arias case. This was on May 3rd, 2013. It was trial day 56, and to me seemed very interesting. I will explain further in this paper why I found it so interesting. The Judge of this case was Judge Sherry K. Stephens. This case is based on fear, love, sex, lies, and dirty little secrets. First, I must say that I heard of this case but never really sat and watched it when it was going on. With that being said, the things I learned in this case was the following. Jodi Arias was either a very smart individual, or just plain stupid. I mean she left so many paper trials, connecting her to the dots of the murder. A lot of the proceeding I listened too made a lot of sense. First off, she is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend Travis. When she is first questioned about the murder, she tells police that she…

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