Essay about Case Study : The Front Appliance Company

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The Front Appliance Company is currently in the process of reviewing several job for re-evaluation. Ted Smith, the Total Rewards Manager, heads this initiative, but has been met with resistance by three other managers. These executives feel the receptionist position should be rated higher than it has already has been since the incumbent’s attitude projects positively towards the company and its customers. Ted, as the chair of Front’s job evaluation committee, professionally disagrees stating the job, not personality, should only be considered. The executives are visibly irritated, but Ted proceeds with his approach on job evaluations. As a result of these proceedings, justification will be presented proving Ted’s insistence the evaluation of the job, not the person, was a sound business decision. Furthermore, a sequence of events on the recommended course of action for Ted will be explored in depth. Additionally, the concept that every job has a maximum pay rate, regardless of how well the job is being performed, will be justified. Lastly, alternative approaches for additional compensation will be considered for an employee who is maxed out on the pay scale.
Evaluate the Job, Not the Person
The current mission of Front’s job evaluation committee is an unbiased assessment of selected positions within the company. Unfortunately for Production Manager Peter Strong and Marketing Manager Margo Arms, their personal feelings about the receptionist, Rebecca, have clouded…

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