Case Study : The Ethical Dilemma Essay

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The ethical dilemma in our case study is whether or not it is ethical for Professor Fuller to punish Johnny based solely on Jane’s word, a student she has had past problems of academic dishonesty with. Professor Fuller has to decide, among many other factors, whether or not to trust what Jane is saying. Jane only told Professor Fuller because she wanted revenge against Johnny for causing her to fail the midterm. That incident hurts Jane’s credibility and Professor Fuller’s trust in her. Johnny, also, simply told Jane about his selling the exams on the anonymous website, (OneClass, 2014) as an apology for accusing her of cheating on the midterm. The main reason that Johnny is selling these tests is because it was the only opportunity he had at the time to make quick money so that he could pay his tuition bills. There was a student, Teddy Boumboulis, who attended Towson University. He was the first in his family to attend college. But, he was kicked out of Towson shortly thereafter due to his failure to pay his tuition. The Washington Post that covered this issue states, “It wasn’t Teddy’s fault. It was the fault of adults who didn’t do enough to help him navigate the tricky shoals of the college-financing process. (Kelly, 2015)” Unfortunately, the financial aid process of college is overwhelming. In our case, Johnny could not afford to be kicked out of college, especially right around the time when he would find out if he was accepted into the nursing program,…

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