Essay about Case Study : The End Is Nigh

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The End Is Nigh

Since the month of February this year, Sears has announced it will be closing many of their stores as well as cutting a lot of their staffs. Their plan was to increase their sales revenue. Although their CEO Edward Lampert took such actions it didn’t amount to any improvement. Recently, Sears is now reportedly closing 64 Kmart stores and shutting down 10 Sears locations within the next year. Through an article by Rich Duprey from The Motley Fool stated how It 's only a matter of time before Sears comes crashing down. According to Duprey stated that: “the retailer has suffered under the not-so-benign neglect of Lampert, who has ignored many of Sears problems until it was too late.” This is demonstrating that the company tumbling down at a desperate rate is because of Lampert procrastination to make the company healthy again in the matter of making it a profitable organization. By keeping on trying to keep the company afloat Lampert has to constantly take a short-term loan, although it’s very apparent he fighting for a lost case.

This management issue relates to the lack of planning of the CEO of Sears Lampert. As the head of the company when he has seen where the company was heading, he should of make better plans to take his organization out of the bad direction it was heading. As the top manager of the organization although he is making the change to make the company better he is not doing it in the most efficient way possible. It’s…

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