Case Study : The Court Case Essay

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The court case that I had the opportunity to attended for this assignment occurred on November 16, 2016. The trial was held at the North County Regional Center in Vista, California. The judge that oversaw the trial was a temporary judge by the name of Wayne Templin. The plaintiff in the trail was a woman named Sherry Adams and the defendant was the T-bird Restaurant Group who was represented in court by the restaurant 's manager Christopher Wagner. The case was about a premises liability claim of a slip and fall case. It was a plaintiff only type of trial although the defendant did get a chance to briefly speak. The case was presented to the court as follows: The plaintiff was having an early dinner with one of her friend at the T-bird Restaurant in Oceanside, California on September 21, 2014. She came from the restroom and was just about ready to leave the restaurant when she slipped and fell on the floor. She admits that she had a six ounce glass of wine while at the restaurant but she claims that it did not have much of any effect on her. She also was said to have been wearing a paid of year old shoes with a thick and slightly worn down soul. She claims that she had an initial slip on her way to the restroom but she did not completely fall because she was able to catch herself in time. She also did not inform any of the staff at the restaurant about the slippery surface. She was aware of the condition of the floor on her way out of the restroom and as she walked out,…

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